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Party Buses & Limousines

With an innovative design, robust and technologically well-equipped, the Limousine and the Party Bus are designed to transport small and large groups on different occasions with comfort and safety.

Why choose a Limousine and Party Bus?

Because you deserve a reliable and efficient luxury transportation solution for your special events. With our limousines and party buses, you will experience an unparalleled moment of luxury, comfort and sophistication, in addition to surprising your guests. With refined and spacious design, limousines and party buses offer many amenities such as high quality sound, LED and laser light show, comfortable seats and cold drinks for any entertainment. Our special event packages, with professional chauffeurs trained in the art of hospitality, are tailored to meet the most demanding wishes. Our logistics experts will efficiently plan and monitor your event’s route. Mundi’s limousines and party buses meet all your needs and guarantee the sophistication, punctuality, safety and comfort you expect from a five-star transport service provider.

Custom Crafted Designs

Our custom crafted party buses come with diamond stitched seats LED Bar and entertainment system
And high quality crystal clear sound system with blue tooth technology.


Our party buses and limousines are fully stocked with ice -water, sodas, and beverages tailored to each and every type of client including those over the age of 21.

entertainment system

Our high quality audio and video system offers crisp digital sound and clarity.
All our audio systems are blue tooth enabled - also have APPLE play. Enjoy your musical tunes on our high output amplified speakers.
We offer the best sound system in our party buses and limousines

Leather Seats

Comfortable leather seats with headrest designed with optimized ergonomics for better passenger accommodation.

Ease in booking

We offer our clients ease in booking with a digital credit card authorization form (DocuSign)
Making your booking as simple as 1-2-3.

Seat Belt

Seat belt with padded strap and flexible adjustments for added comfort and protection of the passengers.

A new level of luxury transportation with the Limousine and Party Bus

Our extendable Limousines and party buses are perfect for transporting a group of friends, a family or multiple business partners on special occasions. With a bold, spacious and comfortable design, limousines and party buses are always hired for birthdays, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, proms, Valentine’s Day, corporate events, sporting events or any other social event you wish.

Among the amenities, they are equipped with TV screens, tinted windows, sound system, fiber optic lighting, refrigerator full of drinks and high quality sound to stir up your entertainment.

If you want to arrive at your event in style and surprise your guests, luxury limousines are excellent for that.

Enjoy the ultimate Limousine and Party Bus experience

If you’re looking for elegance, comfort and carefree fun for a celebration, the luxury of limousines or the thrill of a party bus is what you need.

With these high-class vehicles, you and your guests can enjoy a completely safe and stress-free journey. We follow strict Covid-19 protocols and our vehicles are meticulously cleaned and sanitized before each trip. Our qualified chauffeurs are licensed, highly trained and tracked to ensure your safety.

Long Island Limousine & Party Buses are here to provide you with excellent service and an exceptional experience with our high-quality fleet and staff. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Book a luxury limousine or party bus for your special event right now.

Do you need a reliable and efficient transportation solution for your next special event?

Let Long Island Limousine & Party Buses take care of all the transportation logistics for your event, with our high quality limousines and party buses. We guarantee that you will have an excellent travel experience with VIP treatment.

Our friendly booking agents are ready to assist you 24/7. Get a quote now!